5 Key Things HVAC Companies Check When Recruiting HVAC Technicians

Are you planning to build a career as an HVAC technician? The U.S. has close to 400,000 HVAC mechanics and installers. The number will continue to grow with over 38,000 HVAC job openings currently available. Despite this, competition among applicants will be tough. Do you have the qualities HVAC companies want? Read on and find out the five key things companies check when recruiting HVAC technicians.

1. Great Mechanical Skills

More homeowners are looking to upgrade their HVAC systems. For this reason, companies check mechanical skills like assembling and disassembling HVAC units. After all, doing this task is only possible when you know your way around every component.

2. Good Attitude

Consider practicing a good work attitude to complement your HVAC skills. Companies look for technicians who are genuinely happy with their work. They should see your motivation to take on different HVAC concerns with a positive mindset.

HVAC companies also check if you’re willing to learn new things. After all, the HVAC industry is dynamic and evolving. New technologies and techniques emerge, and companies want highly-trainable technicians.

Patience allows you to go through rigid training and HVAC certifications. Be willing to accept constructive criticisms. Never be sensitive in handling corrections since they will make you a better technician.

3. Communication Skills

HVAC technicians should be effective communicators. Companies expect you to talk to customers, dispatchers, and fellow technicians.

Some problems are more complex than others and require clear and detailed explanations. Customers will want to understand their HVAC system issues, and being able to explain the issue accurately will help ease their anxiety.

Expect the interviewer to ask questions about yourself and your skills. You should be able to talk about your strengths and weaknesses during the interview.

The way you communicate reflects on the HVAC company. If customers see that you can’t explain what you’re doing, they’ll have doubts about the quality of your work.

4. Attention to Detail

Good technicians should have keen attention to detail. Your organizational skills should be at their peak before, during, and after the service. 

Paying more attention to detail also means detecting subtle differences between HVAC issues. It prevents improper diagnoses and further repairs in the future.

You’ll keep client records and the details of your work. You need to prepare the correct tools and perform the appropriate methods.

5. Quick Thinking

HVAC work will always keep you on your toes since anything could happen during repairs or installations. As such, employers look for quick-thinkers when recruiting HVAC technicians. It ensures you can rise to the occasion whenever things don’t go as planned.

Look for Companies Recruiting HVAC Technicians Now

Now you know the qualities HVAC employers look for when recruiting HVAC technicians. Use the knowledge to prepare better for your application. You can improve your weaknesses and highlight your strengths.

If your HVAC knowledge is not enough, we can help you out. We can point you to different HVAC training programs near you.

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