Entrepreneurship Tips : How to Start an HVAC Business

Do you know your way around air conditions, furnaces, and other such cooling and heating devices? Thinking about starting an HVAC business? Wondering how it’s done? 

You’re in the right place! Below, we’re going to discuss the different steps involved in starting an HVAC company, showing you exactly how it’s done. Let’s go! 

Create a Business Plan

First and foremost, you need to draw up a business plan. This is a document covering the many different aspects of your business. It includes not only your business’ mission statement but its 5-year plan, its funding sources, its marketing strategy, and more. 

A business plan is important as it gives you a guideline to follow. Without a business plan, you would essentially be shooting in the dark. As such, your chances of success would be greatly reduced. 

A business plan establishes your business as a real-life entity and thus enables you to operate it as such. Need help creating a business plan? Take a look at this

Obtain Your License

Regardless of the state in which you reside, you’re going to have to obtain an HVAC license from that state. States require HVAC contractors to obtain these licenses, as they want to ensure that they’re capable of providing a sufficient level of service. 

Generally speaking, in order to obtain an HVAC license, you’ll have had to participate in some sort of HVAC training course. You can find one of these in your area by Googling something to the effect of “HVAC training near me”. 

Purchase Resources

There are all sorts of resources needed to facilitate the everyday operations of an HVAC company. These run the gamut from tools to vans to computer software and much, much more. Without these resources, you’re going to struggle to get your business off the ground. 

As such, you’ll need to purchase these resources prior to taking on your first jobs. There are several ways to get funding for these resources. 

If you’re lucky, your friends and family will help you with funding. If this isn’t a possibility, you can likely obtain a business loan. You might even consider taking someone else on as a business partner. 

Market Your Services

Finally, it’s time to start marketing your services. This will help you to land your first customers and will essentially set your business in motion. 

HVAC business marketing can present itself in many different forms. It could just involve social media usage. On the other hand, it could involve physical fliers, TV commercials, radio adverts, search engine optimization, and even guerilla marketing tactics. 

In any case, you’ve got to be aggressive. Offer HVAC services to everyone you come across. Eventually, you’re bound to get some nibbles. 

Starting an HVAC Business Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Though starting an HVAC business is a big step, it doesn’t need to be difficult. As long as you follow the steps discussed above, you should be able to launch a successful business. 

Need further information on starting an HVAC company? HVAC Training HQ has you covered. Take a look at our other articles right now!