HVAC Technician FAQs

Common questions about being an HVAC Technician

What does an HVAC technician do?

HVAC tech or HVAC service technicians work to install, maintain, repair, or replace air conditioners, climate control systems, heating equipment, ventilation units, refrigeration equipment, and more.

Can HVAC Techs Make 100k?

HVAC technicians’ wages vary depending on factors such as location and experience. For more information about how much HVAC techs make, click here.

Do HVAC technicians make good money?

HVAC techs usually go through programs designed specifically for their career. Working for a property management firm or corporate HVAC company usually nets a nice income, but making $100,000 or more a year often requires starting your own company.

Is HVAC a stressful job?

You might not expect to see the HVAC trade listed as one of the most stressful professions. But the work is physically demanding, and working in tight, dark, and dirty spaces can pose a variety of mental and physical challenges.

Are HVAC jobs in high demand?

Yes, HVAC is one of the quickest-growing trade careers available. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which expects careers in this field will expand by 13 percent by 2028.

Feel free to read our HVAC technician job outlook post for more detailed information.

How many hours a week do HVAC techs work?

Full-time versus part-time: HVACR technicians typically work 40 hours per week and may occasionally work evening or weekend shifts. During peak seasons they may work overtime and irregular hours.

What kind of education is needed for HVAC?

The minimum requirement for beginning a career as an HVAC technician is a high school diploma or GED. A high school curriculum should hone the math and reading skills needed to perform the job. However, very few employers hire technicians with only a high school diploma or GED. Learn how to become an HVAC technician »

How long does it take to be HVAC Tech?

You can choose to earn an HVAC certification or sign up for a program in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating technology from a trade school or vocational school. Such training programs usually take anywhere between 6 months and three years to complete.

If you’d like a headstart on your online HVAC training, check out these HVAC terms today!

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