HVAC Training in Minnesota

Becoming an HVAC technician is a great career choice when you enjoy working with your hands. Unlike other jobs, HVAC technicians need to ensure that they are trained throughout their working life as the technology changes.

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Working with HVAC

When you join the ranks of HVAC technicians, you have the opportunity to train for a variety of levels. Entry-level requirements take around 6 months to complete, but it is possible to take an extended course that can take around 3 years to complete. The level of your qualification is up to you. If you start with the 6 months entry training, you can always add more training throughout your working life. This includes knowing how to test, install, and repair different types of residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Getting qualified

Becoming a certified HVAC technician requires training from specialized centers. Although there are companies that offer in-house training, a lot of these certificates will not transfer to a different company. This is why you should search for an accredited program that provides transferable skills. Completing your qualification with a trade school that is accredited is one of the smartest choices you can make when you decide to begin training. 

HVAC installation and maintenance is a growing industry that needs smart and capable engineers to help maintain a variety of commercial and residential systems. If you feel that you are ready for a challenge, you should take the first steps to become an HVAC technician today.