Decisions, Decisions: Answering the Most Common HVAC Career Questions

Did you know that the HVAC industry in the US was worth 57 billion dollars in 2020? In only five years, the figure will rise to $82.5 billion. That’s a 6.1% industry growth.

It is evident from the data that a job in the HVAC industry is in high demand today. That suggests that now is an excellent time to get started in this field and that employment opportunities in this industry should be abundant in the future.

Are you undecided about pursuing a career as an HVAC technician? If you have a lot of queries relating to an HVAC career, this post will help you sort them out.

A High Demand for Technicians With an HVAC Career

It is always a good idea for students to review employment predictions to gauge the level of demand for the career they choose. The last thing you want to do is invest your money, effort, and energy in college and then struggle to find a job after graduation. HVAC, fortunately, is one of those vocations that has a continual demand.

Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 5% rise in employment in this field by 2030. This is the time and opportunity to gain the skills necessary to become an HVAC technician.

HVAC specialists who install and maintain heating and cooling systems are in high demand due to the continued growth of residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, people will continue to need air-cons, central heating, and freezers in the future. This confirms that HVAC workers will continue to be in high demand in the future.

The Pay Is Attractive 

The income of an HVAC technician is higher than the wage of many other technicians in the United States. The average salary in May 2020 was $50,590. That is an average salary of $25.30 per hour. The remuneration varies according to the state, the business, and the individual’s level of experience.

HVAC technicians can potentially make additional money by working overtime. While you may not begin making large sums as soon as you start your first job, your pay will ultimately rise. In addition, if you work for a large corporation, you may boost your earnings by working privately in your spare time. 

You Can Work Anywhere

Every state needs HVAC technicians as  HVAC systems are installed in homes and businesses around the country. If you search for HVAC jobs online, you will find a multitude of work prospects.

While every state needs HVAC technicians, you may want to focus on those with high demand. These are some of the best states with increased demand for HVAC technicians:

These are not in order of demand. So why are these some of the best, you ask? First, because of weather conditions, one needs to regulate the temperature inside the buildings, be it heating or cooling. 

Job Security 

It’s a fact that by 2030, technology might eliminate up to 20 million manufacturing jobs. Automation has become necessary in the service business. Many people are concerned that their jobs will be redundant in a few years due to these technologies. 

HVAC professionals aren’t as concerned about technology as other workers. For each new HVAC development, a professional is required to build and install the system. In addition, almost every American house has HVAC equipment, which requires specialized upkeep.

The importance of HVAC remains constant, despite the emergence of artificial intelligence. Automation will not threaten your career if you have HVAC skills. 

Support the Environment

HVAC technicians work to improve HVAC system efficiency. They also look for strategies to alleviate the negative environmental implications of malfunctioning systems. The  HVAC profession helps keep the environment balanced and clean.

Some of the tasks involving helping the environment include:

  • Installing dehumidifiers
  • Energy-saving thermostats
  • Heat pumps that reduce carbon emissions

People will save money and have a more comfortable home or office environment with the right HVAC systems. As a result, there will be a significant increase in someone’s quality of life.

Lower Costs For Studies

One of the grounds why studying a trade is a wonderful career option is the lower debt. Many other students have to take out student loans for their four-year degrees. Many graduates spend their early years first paying off student loans.

Technical training like HVAC technician training takes less time and costs less. If you take a loan, the sum will be substantially smaller, and you won’t have trouble repaying it. More significantly, trade school graduates acquire employment faster than college grads.

Learn as You Earn

Entry-level HVAC technicians receive significant on-the-job training. With an apprenticeship position as an HVAC technician, you can learn while you earn. You’ll learn essential skills and be making almost as much as other trained personnel in no time.

The more expertise you learn, the more money you’ll make. Training will turn you into a qualified HVAC technician, and the pay will be well worth your time. When you complete HVAC training, don’t be scared to start small in an HVAC company because growth in this sector is increasing.

Job Satisfaction

A career in HVAC exposes you to exciting new technology. HVAC technicians have a bright future ahead of them. Being an HVAC technician, you must enjoy hands-on work. It also suits persons who value independence, preferring to work alone and make their own decisions.

Job satisfaction comes in the form of valuing your own independence and making your own decisions. However, the biggest of satisfaction is the improvement you give to others’ lives. 

But it’s important to note that being an HVAC tech isn’t always a joy. Some days will be lengthy, while others will be filled with workplace risks. But the benefits of HVAC work make it worthwhile.

Start HVAC Studies Today!

The first step in picking a profession is to determine whether you are truly committed to pursuing it. You don’t want to waste your time working on things that you’re not interested in.

If you’re looking to begin a new career in a matter of months rather than years, you should consider becoming an HVAC Technician. HVAC technicians are highly skilled, specialized tradesmen with extensive technical knowledge. Nonetheless, an HVAC career is possible without years of schooling.

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